Green GlobesAi??is an online green building rating and certification tool that is used primarily in Canada and the USA. Green Globes was developed by ECD Energy and Environment Canada. Green Globes is licensed for use byAi??BOMA CanadaAi??and theAi??Green Building InitiativeAi??in the USA.
By being online and interactive, the Green Globes system enables you to change inputs in order to keep your assessment up-to-date. It serves as a virtual consultant, providing instant feedback on the environmental aspects of a structure’s design along with advice and resources for improvements. And as users work their way through the questionnaire, they can reference the policies and other required working documents. Thus the system also guides and simplifies the documentation process.
There areAi??Green Globes modulesAi??for:
  • New Construction/Significant Renovations
  • Commercial Interiors (i.e. Office Fit-ups)
  • Existing Buildings (offices, multi-residential, retail, health care, light industrial)
The Green GlobesAi??New Construction assessmentAi??can be used for commercial, institutional and multi-residential building types including offices, school, hospitals, hotels, academic and industrial facilities, warehouses, laboratories, sports facilities and multi-residential buildings.


  • Green Globes is structured as a self-assessment to be done in-house using a project manager and design team. The system is questionnaire-based with pop-up tips, which show the applicable technical tables that are needed to reply to the questions. An online manual is also available. Users can see how points are being awarded and how they are scoring.
  • The Green Globes platform includes optional interactive guidance to help implement the integrated design process from goal setting to construction documents.
  • Submittal requirements consist of documents that are normally produced as part of any well executed green construction project that uses the integrated design process. They consist of construction drawings, specifications, energy modelling, life cycle analysis, records of meetings, and any “green” plans that the team has developed – for example, storm-water management, landscaping, and commissioning.
Ai??the Green Globes system does have a number of distinct attributes in the way the program is delivered, such as the online, questionnaire-driven assessment, and the automated reporting, which greatly reduce the time and cost of producing a submission. For this reason, the federal government and many states in the US are recognizing Green Globes as a credible tool and in Canada, the method has been used for several years on federal and provincial buildings.
As for the certification procedures :
  • Completing the Construction Documents self-assessment questionnaire.
  • When satisfied with the responses in the Construction Documents assessment, the completed self-assessment questionnaire is submitted.
  • Indicating the project is ready for certification.
  • Sending supporting documentation to the assigned Verifier.
  • Ai??The Verifier reviews the design submissionsAi??and completes the Construction Documents survey.
  • Receiving the initial Green Globes Design Certification document.
  • When the project has been constructed, it is then time for completing and submittingAi??the Post-construction self-assessment questionnaire.
  • Supplying the required additional supporting documentation relating to the construction for verification.
  • The Verifier reviews the Post-construction submissionAi??and completes the Post-construction survey.
  • Receiving the final Green Globes Design Sustainable Interiors certification document.
  • Celebrating and ordering a glass plaque
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Green Globes Certification