Energy modelling is an important process to Maximise efficiency and cost effectiveness through measuring the energy savings of a building and its impact.
It also identifies the available alternatives for achieving a green building design that poses effective sustainability.These design strategies are also known as Energy Conservation measures, (ECMs).
Energy modelling software compares current building design and operations with various energy-saving scenarios, and then provide estimated energy demand to determine the most efficient design and to evaluate potential design alternatives during the concept design phase.
Energy modelling services include
  • Ai??Whole Building Energy Modeling
  • Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Energy Savings Analysis
  • HVAC Optimization Design Calculation
  • Ai??Design Assistance Modeling
  • Ai??Pier Reviews
Energy modelling results facilitate benchmarking a buildingai??i??s performance against other buildings and help with understanding the financial and energy impacts of the proposed changes to the building.
Early design assistance modeling can be extremely beneficial to the design process, as it provides great insight into cost-effective ECMs, and increases the probability of implementation.
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