Using industry leading design tools to optimize every aspect of the system to ensure a reliable, high performing and cost effective renewable energy system.
We work closely with the design team to ensure an integrated system that is right for the building and the local geologic conditions and climate.
The projects are screened to determine whether or not certain renewable energy systems are suitable.
Renewable energy requires strong synergies and planning around its surrounding environment to increase effectiveness.
It highlights project benefits and considers project roadblocks and/or potential pitfalls. If the prefeasibility results are favourable, IESC discusses its findings with the client prior to proceeding to a full feasibility study.
Renewable energy system services include
  • Project criteria verification and pre-feasibility assessment
  • Renewable energy System Design and Analysis
  • Ai??System Troubleshooting
  • Design, analysis and feasibility services for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems
  • Design reviews for high-performance building optimization
  • Assistance with the issuance and maintenance of green bonds
  • Renewable energy project implementation management
  • Project commissioning
  • equipment checks and documentation
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